George Davidson, Architect

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Major house restoration Newmarket


Houses and housing



A passion for the importance of where people live, and the design of their houses and communities, has informed much of my work. Much of my career has been spent in designing good homes in both public and private sectors, including award winning residential projects in both Scotland and England. My work in Cambridge includes community driven special needs housing at Ditchburn Place and Ross Street. The test of successful housing does not lie with Architecture with a capital A, critics, or those who deliver awards; it lies within the community of people who live in and around it, whose lives it shapes profoundly.


33 Mowbray
                Road  33 Queen Edith's Way

Planning permission
  was obtained in 2014 after a 7 year planning history involving other architects, planning refusals and dismissed appeals. The building was designed in Art Deco style which Cambridge City Planners felt would produce an iconic building on this prominent city site.

Lofts  Lofts 

Loft conversions are often a good way to create more living space in homes; even if you can find the 4 or 5 bedroom house, you probably can't afford it. Loft conversions do present design, planning and structural challenges, but a well designed loft room can form an essential and affordable part of a home, as well as a good financial investment.

Great Fen Project  Great Fen Project

The Cambridgeshire Fens stand as one of the most misunderstood, neglected and extraordinary features of the British landscape. The Great Fen project involves re-wetting the peat fens, to reverse the destructive landscape and habitat changes which began in the 1600's with the draining of the Fens to create agricultural land, which has now largely wasted away. It is an important long term vision; work on the ground began in 2013. The Visitor Centre will be an iconic focus for the Great Fen, a place of arrival and welcome, providing drama and a visual reference in the landscape, an enduring resource for present and future generations.

Other  Other Projects

Other work covers a wide spectrum and has involved: Listed building alterations and adaptions, Interior design, Doctors surgeries, School extensions, Church work, Community Centres, Offices, Shops, Cafes, restaurants, refreshment kiosks, Leisure and entertainment buildings.